How do you sell fashion to spread positivity?


By returning to the calm & beauty of nature.


To escape the hustle & bustle of city life and deadlines, the urban youth often finds a way to nature. Hiring a property at a farmhouse or a quiet lake is more pleasing than flying to another city for a break. The return to nature - to our roots - creates a sense of belonging and safety. Nature is believed to restore our health, peace, mind & body clock. Which is why we are more and more attracted to move backwards and slow the pace of life.

The urban youth today is driven to stick to organic food, holiday amongst nature, be more closely rooted to family, appreciate the strength of joint families, value bonding, adopt more spiritual practices like yoga, meditation,  etc to nurture positive living. So, since the mood & awakening of the urban youth is driven towards positivity, we decided to re-direct fashion for a positive cause.