As one of the top-notch advertising agencies in Kolkata, Monkey Wrench cannot stress enough on comprehensive field research before bringing a brand or product design and product campaign to life. We conduct research directly with the consumers to have a better understanding of the company's target market.


Identifying Need Gap

We work hand in hand with our clients to identify any need gap in the market by evaluating the offerings of our clients' competitors. We analyse trends and listen to the target audience to help our brands recognise and fill the gaps if there are any.


Co-creating Brief

We live up to our reputation of being one of the most coveted creative agencies in Kolkata as we believe that behind every great campaign lies a great brief. So, we collaborate with our clients on creating briefs that lead the way to innovative ideas and campaigns.


Product naming

At Monkey Wrench we are aware of how an appropriate product name can rightly catch the attention of the target consumer so as a 360 degree creative team we help brands create their own identity in the market.


Brand Strategy

At Monkey Wrench we understand the value of brand strategy. A good strategy can make the brand stand out among its competitors in the market and we help our brand achieve that with our insights and strategies.


Brand naming

Naming a brand is one of the most crucial aspects of building a brand and we help our brands reach out more to their target consumers by selecting names that will make them memorable.


Brand Architecture Design

Brand Architecture is an integral part of the brand's association with its target audience. And, sometimes when a client is not able to articulate how they would like to build their brands we guide them.


Brand Personality

As a branding agency we, through our strategic inputs, help our clients develop their brand personalities and attitudes which their respective target consumers can relate to, thus increasing the brands' reach to their customers.


Brand Positioning

We understand the significance of an effective brand positioning and how it can help the brand make a mark on the consumer's mind.


Brand Tagline

Based on the core values and essence of the brand we as a branding agency in Kolkata craft a tagline for each brand that in turn serves as a tool to build up the target consumer's intrigue in that brand.


Brand Identity

As a renowned creative design agency in Kolkata we aim to build a brand identity for each client. We make sure that these brands have recall value and are easily identified by consumers.


Brand Language

Working with start-ups is a creative challenge for us and we help them craft their own brand language through the usage of select words, images and brand assets that will help create the recall value of the brand.


Brand Experience

Our success as a branding agency lies in the fact that we also help our clients map the complete journey of their brands by strategizing how to make the brand's more memorable to target consumers through effective engagement.



We take pride in being one of the best design agencies in Kolkata. Our expertise lies in all areas of design- be it packaging, brand, store, experience or exhibition design.



As one of the top-notch advertising agencies in Kolkata we don't just advertise products. We spin and sell stories. Our creative team put their minds together to make brands stand out in the crowd through innovative and interesting print, outdoor and digital campaigns. And this why we are trusted by some top national and regional brands.


Website design

Our expert team of web designers makes sure that through the correct usage of fonts, designs, images, and colours, each brand's website attracts potential customers. In other words, we work towards designing a website that is unique and practical at the same time.


Social media

Social media is an integral part of everyone's life today. And as a trusted digital agency in Kolkata we understand its importance. So, our digital creative team comes up with the most creative, quirky and eye-catching social media creatives that make brands appeal to their target consumers.


Packaging Design

Clients trust us with their packaging designs. We survey and examine the product inside and out before finalizing a design. Our designs are unique but we also make sure that they grab the attention of the clients' target audience. It's no wonder that we have emerged as one of the best creative design agencies in the city.


Exhibitions and Events

We design several international and domestic exhibitions in such a way that our client's brands stand out among its competitors.


Brand Guideline

We set unique properties for every brand including colour, font, iconography, image etc. There properties in turn standardize the brand across all platforms and regions.


Digital Film & Video

We take target audience specific approach in terms of making interesting, trendy digital films for our clients.